A mental wellness toolkit made for u&i.

Adolescent mental illness has risen significantly in the past decade, with many reasons relating to increased time spent with technology. After surveying and interviewing a number of teenagers, my thesis forms a physical toolkit, u&i, that allows adolescents to take a break from the digital world and reminds them that mental health is a journey of building blocks that they are not alone in. The kit includes customizable tools that incorporate touch and intimacy, helping teens destress, self-reflect, and open up about their mental wellness.

How can we approach and impact adolescent mental health in a way

that will combat increasing mental illness?

The Question

Mailer Package

Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal Set

Mood Stickers

Reflection Cards Deck


Social Media

To begin ideation, I created research boards on adolescent interests, existing tools, and design concepts.


I surveyed 30 teens and interviewed four adolescents and four parents on mental wellness

Surveys & Interviews

I had my lovely teen sister test rough prototypes of the meditation puzzle and the reflection journal set. I used her feedback to improve the designs.

User Testing

From the research and user testing, I collected key information that helped focus the purpose of the u&i toolkit.

Key Insights

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